Allen & Heath PRIME INPUT



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Allen & Heath PRIME INPUT

For those looking to get the highest levels of audio performance from their dLive, Avantis or SQ, we’ve created PRIME, two new modules for use with DX32 expanders.

The PRIME Input Module is a completely new Allen & Heath preamp design at the leading-edge of audio tech.

Using the very latest converter technology and ultra-linear components combined with meticulous design, the PRIME Input module lets you exploit the full potential of our 96kHz XCVI FPGA core, delivering next-level audio quality for critical live, broadcast and studio applications.

Available as 8-channel cards for mounting directly into a DX32, you can create the configuration you require, whether it’s for a handful of critical ‘money’ channels, or a whole orchestra section.

What makes it so good? Using years of experience in combination with ultramodern technology, we believe we’ve redefined transparency, slashing THD and vastly improving noise performance, while ensuring wickedly fast slew-rates for incredible transient response.