Atlas Sound IEDT9160





Atlas Sound IEDT9160

The T9160 Integrated Power Amplifier Mainframe is designed to house, supply power to, and cool up to nine Titan Series power amplifier cards. In addition, the mainframes provides digital audio network connections, utilizing CobraNet technology, to an IED audio network controller such as the IED 500ACS Announcement Control System.  Local program or background music (BGM) inputs connect via analog connections.  The mainframe’s nine power amplifier card slots are configured for eight main amplifier cards to drive speaker circuits and one backup amplifier card to serve as a hot standby/backup amplifier. The mainframes can also automatically switch to the backup amplifier as necessary.

Digital Signal Processing on each of 16 incoming signals includes functions such as input level controls, paging routing, automatic ducking of BGM audio, equalization (up to 9 parametric bands per amplifier channel), signal delay, and IED’s patented technology for ambient analysis based automatic level control. IED monitor/test functions are also included inside of the T9160 Mainframe System. The system provides the built-in amplifier test, speaker line test, and ground fault detection, and these tests are all accomplished inside of the Mainframe with no external test circuit wiring required.

The mainframe requires 6 rack units (RUs) of space or 10.5” of vertical space in a 19” equipment rack/cabinet. All cooling is back to front, so no additional vertical space is required in the rack for cooling. Local program or BGM inputs are provided on the back via plug-in lugless compression-type screw terminals. Also, the speaker connections are made via larger scale terminals of the same type.

Audio signals come into the T9160 Mainframe either via the local analog program/BGM connections or via the Ethernet connection utilizing the CobraNet technology. The combination of the Titan Series T9160 Mainframe System, IED 500ACS with IED 510N Digital Audio Network card, and IED 518 or 528 digital microphone stations comprises a completely digital/network connected audio/paging system. Model T9160L is the part number for 120VAC power source.

Compatible Amplifier Card Models Include:

  • T6472 Dual 200 Watt, 70 Volt
  • T6471 Single 400 Watt, 70 Volt
  • T6412 Dual 200W, 100 Volt
  • T6411 Single 400 Watt, 100 Volt
  • T6482 Dual 200 Watt, 8 Ohm
  • T6481 Single 400 Watt, 8 Ohm
  • T6441 Single 400 Watt, 4 Ohm
  • T6002 Dual Channel Line Driver Card