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The DP2K-8S is Barco’s most compact and fully integrated digital cinema projector, designed for the smallest cinemas, independent cinemas and single screens. By merging projector and media server capabilities into a single projection module, Barco Alchemy’s DP2K-8S projector becomes a comprehensive DCI-compliant projector and media server solution , including built-in storage . By reducing hardware requirements, it offers greater simplicity and reliability in the projection booth. And for increased reliability, the smart projector detects potential malfunctions and warns users if, for example, assets or KDM are missing for a scheduled projection. Suitable forTMS environments , the project works independently in single-screen applications . Thanks to its integrated Barco Web Commander user interface , projections can be created and scheduled remotely.

DCI image quality

Taking advantage of the well-proven benefits of Barco’s prestigious DP2K digital projectors, the DP2K-8S ensures sharp images every time thanks to the renowned manual color convergence mechanism. Its standard xenon lamps offer brilliant colors and its motorized lenses ensure a perfect image ratio every time. 

Low total cost of ownership

Equipped with integrated technology to reduce operating and maintenance costs, the DP2K-8S delivers DCI-quality images with maximum reliability, with a low total cost of ownership. As such, it is the perfect choice for exhibitors looking for a worry-free solution to digitize with minimal hassle and risk.

The DP2K-8S projector is also available in a package with a third-party media server and can be ordered without the Barco Alchemy module as well.

Advantages of Barco Alchemy

  • Combines media server functionalities with cinema processing electronics
  • Less equipment results in greater reliability and ease of use
  • Simple operation thanks to the intuitive “Barco Web Commander” screen management software
  • Simple upgrade of Series 2 projectors with Barco Alchemy module 


  • Designed specifically for smaller theaters, freestanding cinemas, art centers, boothless cinemas, and single screens
  • Low cost of ownership thanks to integrated Barco Alchemy technology, including storage, reduced standby consumption, reusable air filters and components common to other Barco projectors
  • Superior image quality thanks to excellent brightness, high contrast and vivid colors
  • DCI image quality at all times thanks to the simple manual convergence mechanism
  • Wide range of motorized lenses for correct image ratio 
  • Maximum ease of use with Barco Web Commander Display Management System, running on the web 
  • Barco Communicator for easy setup and upgrade of all projector modules
  • Consistent image quality and brightness thanks to patented sealed motor and advanced DMD cooling
  • Easy transport, installation and service thanks to its integrated handles, easy-to-use software tools and intelligent modular architecture