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The DP4K-13BLPHC doubles the contrast of the Smart Laser projector series to provide improved image quality on medium-size, high-performance displays. Reproduces smooth, high-contrast, razor-sharp images with native 4K resolution and 11,500 lumens brightness. It is perfectly suited for small to medium-sized cinema screens, 8 to 13 meters (26 to 32.7 ft).

Superior image quality

The DP4K-13BLPHC offers consistent, DCI-compliant image quality with native 4K resolution, outstanding uniformity, and 5,000: 1 native contrast, on both white and silver displays. Its light power can be dimmed by 30% of the initial brightness, to project 2D and 3D content from the same projector.

Reduced total cost of ownership

By dispensing with lamps and thereby saving associated costs, the DP4K-13BLPHC has a very attractive total cost of ownership. Thanks to its unique cooling system, the projector achieves an operating time of up to 30,000 hours with constant brightness under normal use conditions.

Unprecedented peace of mind

The DP4K-13BLPHC cuts operating costs, reduces complexity of operations, and optimizes labor costs. The projector increases your uptime and saves you the costs, administration and maintenance associated with lamps.