BARCO OverView OLF-721



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BARCO OverView OLF-721

Barco’s OverView OLS series consists of wall screens with LED lighting and 3D technology. The solutions par excellence for the control rooms configured with screens with aspect ratio 16: 9, whose operating time must be guaranteed and they need to project stereoscopic images (with glasses with active shutter). The redundancy characteristics of the modules, not only for the LEDs, but also for power supplies and even inputs, guarantee that everything goes according to plan, for the peace of mind of the users. With a structure that can be configured according to customer requirements, the OverView OLS series has virtually no limits in terms of size. Absolute tranquility OverView OLF-721 wall-mounted display modules have been designed to work perfectly without maintenance for many years and without the need for consumables. Barco’s exclusive liquid cooling system guarantees a lower LED temperature, so that the LED life is longer (> 80,000 hours in economy mode). The OverView OL-721 module offers an excellent viewing experience in terms of ergonomics, with the sharpest and most saturated colors, and Full HD resolution (1920×1080). The availability of alternative screen types allows you to adjust the wall screen to your specific needs in terms of viewing angle and brightness. Always the optimal image Wall screens of the OverView OLS series with Sense6, a unique Barco sensor technology that provides continuous color and brightness stability throughout the entire screen. Sense6 constantly measures brightness and color with a spectrometer, and adjusts the color space to provide the most suitable image for vision. Intense colors contribute to an even more spectacular stereoscopic experience and an increase in the presentation of 3D content on video wall displays. Award-winning design The design of the OverView OLS series, practical and elegant, has been distinguished with the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. The individual modules are the least deep among comparable solutions in their class, so they allow to configure extremely thin wall screens. This makes the OverView OLS series the quintessential product for 3D backward projection in limited space installations.