BARCO OverView OSV-711F



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BARCO OverView OSV-711F

The OverView OSV-711F is a video wall screen that achieves amazing brightness levels. With a broad, flat and smooth background, high quality data and video can be played simultaneously without interruption or interruption, since the screen does not use the frame. The screen hardly occupies place thanks to its flat format and also thanks to the fact that in the rear part no access has been arranged for the maintenance of the unit. In addition, advanced signal processing makes the OSV screen a multifunctional solution with high image quality and exceptional reliability. With a compact configuration, this video wall screen is suitable for a multitude of applications, such as military and operational rooms or planning and deliberation rooms, in addition to the traditional applications of process control rooms, energy systems and supply networks. Technology of phosphor-laser projection for high brightness The OSV HB series uses the innovative phosphor-laser projection technology to reproduce the images. The brightness levels of the system increase considerably, so it can be used in environments with difficult lighting conditions. On the other hand, the HB series has a higher resolution than its LL counterpart, with up to 11.1 megapixels to reproduce data. The OSV-711F model consists of seven combined rear projection cubes, which form a complete and uncut image. features A display panel like a real canvas However fine they may be, frames and joints end up being noticed and are annoying. Especially when playing numbers or other important content, any interruption is noticed. The screens of the OSV series are practically smooth, like a canvas, and allow to organize the content of different and numerous sources in the most efficient way possible.