Bogen GS35D





Bogen GS35D

Incorporating Class-D Amplification into its design, the Bogen Gold Seal Series GS35D is a 35W rackmountable PA intended for public-address scenarios, such as conferences, panel discussions, presentations, seminars, clubs, outdoor events, or any other circumstance in which a PA must be complemented by telephone-paging capabilities. This amp sports a dual-function 10-band EQ, a variable-loudness contour, and an Audio Enhancement feature for improved clarity of speaking.

Overall, the GS35D can accommodate 4x XLR balanced mics, 2x auxiliary inputs, and 1x telephone input, while simultaneously providing 4- and 8-Ohm speaker outputs for 25V, 25VCT, and 70V distributed systems. The GS35D also offers a booster-amp output, a tape output, and a power output.

Turn your attention to the rear panel, and you’ll notice a bevy of connection possibilities: 4x XLR connections, phoenix connectors to service its screw terminal, and two RCA jacks for auxiliary devices. The XLR inputs all have phantom power switches, should you need to power condenser microphones. If you wish to apply phantom power to channels five and six, you can utilize an internal jumper to do so.

Audio-Sculpting Options
A dual 10-Band EQ located on the front panel can be utilized to control feedback or for other acoustic-shaping purposes, while an Audio Enhancement feature regenerates upper harmonics to inject a sense of presence into the signal chain, resulting in clarity improvements, increased intelligibility, and a boost in perceived volume. This feature can be blended with incoming dry audio via a rear-panel knob. Furthermore, a Contour Switch allows you to restore high and low frequency otherwise ignored by the human ear at low volume levels. This effect, if instantiated, gradually subsides as you crank the volume of the overall system.
Telephone-Paging Controls
The GS35D boasts such features as Automatic Level Control for differing voice levels/speaking styles, voice-activated muting over auxiliary tracks, and a variable-mute function which allows you to select the level of attenuation from -10 to -60 dB whilst paging.