Bose FreeSpace DS 40SE VA



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Bose FreeSpace DS 40SE VA

Bose FreeSpace DS 40SE VA surface-mount loudspeaker (Product Code 321279-0110 black, 321279-0210 white)

Bose FreeSpace DS 40SE VA, versatile, high-performance, full-range, surface-mount loudspeaker designed for foreground and background music and speech reproduction in a wide range of installed applications. High output and 125° x 125° coverage pattern with a frequency range down to 70 Hz.

For indoor and outdoor applications.

EN 54-24 compliant DS loudspeaker models are also available for use in Voice Alarm (VA) systems. Please contact your local Bose team for availability information.

Full-range loudspeaker with a single 4.5″ (114 mm) full-range driver in a ported enclosure designed for surface mounting in foreground and background music and paging applications

Simple 1->2->3 installation system. Mounting hardware allows for horizontal and vertical orientation with adjustable pitch or yaw

Integrated multi-tap transformer with innovative thumb wheel adjustment for easy-to-change tap settings from under front end cap

Shared voicing across entire FreeSpace DS product family enables DS 16, DS 40, and DS 100 loudspeakers to be integrated on the same system and maintain consistent tonal quality

Supported by a suite of accessories, including wall-mount bracket, ceiling-mount bracket, pole-mount bracket and junction boxes

Engineers’ and Architects’ Specifications

Each loudspeaker shall be a 40 watt, ported loudspeaker system utilizing one 4.5″ (114 mm) full-range HVC (Helical Voice Coil) driver. The loudspeaker shall be used for installation on walls, ceilings, and other flat, solid surfaces.

Each loudspeaker shall have a nominal rated impedance of 8 ohms and shall be wired in parallel with a line voltage matching (step-down) transformer with an accessible, front-mounted level selector appropriate for setting various output taps. The loudspeaker input connections will allow for direct connection to 70 volt, 100 volt or low-impedance amplifiers.

The loudspeaker shall have a protection circuit to protect the product from occasionally being overdriven.

Each loudspeaker shall have a bandwidth of 80 Hz – 17 kHz and a maximum continuous acoustic output of 103 dB SPL referenced to a full bandwidth pink noise input at 1 meter at the loudspeaker’s rated power. The input connection shall consist of a three-terminal barrier strip on the included mounting bracket. Each loudspeaker shall be wired to the mounting bracket via a 4- pin, pre-wired connector.

Power settings available shall be: 2.5, 5, 10, 20, and 40 watts at 70 volt; 5, 10, 20, and 40 watts at 100 volt; and 40 watts at 8 ohms (when referenced to IEC noise for 100 hours). The nominal dispersion shall be 125° H x 125° V coverage pattern at -6 dB (average 1 – 4 kHz).

When used with optional junction boxes (wall- mount bracket variant only), ceramic terminals and thermal fuse, the loudspeaker shall meet numerous standards for combination music and evacuation systems around the world.

Exposed cosmetic surfaces of the loudspeaker shall be paintable, and the acoustically transparent grille component shall be formed of powder-coated steel.

The loudspeaker shall be the Bose® FreeSpace® DS 40SE VA loudspeaker.

Technical Summary

Frequency Response (+/-3 dB)
80 Hz – 17 kHz

Frequency Range (-10 dB)
70 Hz – 19 kHz

Nominal Dispersion
125° conical

Long-Term Power Handling
40 W (160 W peak)

Sensitivity (SPL / 1 W @ 1 m)
87 dB SPL

Maximum SPL @ 1 m
103 dB SPL (109 dB SPL peak)

Nominal Impedance
8 Ω (transformer bypassed)

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