CHAUVET Intimidator Beam 355 IRC




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CHAUVET Intimidator Beam 355 IRC

Intimidator Beam 355 IRC is a powerful and feature-packed beam moving head. With its 100 watt LED, it easily generates complex designs with the fixed gobo wheel, which includes unique animation effects to create stunning designs. The rotating 3-facet prism splits the beam to cover large areas, and the motorized diffuser filter (frost) easily turns it into a wash. The built-in color display is compatible with the IRC-6 wireless controller . Includes totem mode operation and internal memory to store a complete scene. The Intimidator Beam 355 IRC has powerCON® compatible power input and output to simplify daisy-chaining.

  • Feature-packed moving head equipped with a powerful 100-watt LED
  • Motorized diffuser (frost) that converts the beam of light into a wash-like effect
  • Fixed gobos with animation effects, to easily generate complex images
  • 3-sided prism splits the beam and increases the coverage area
  • Color display compatible with IRC-6 control, operation in totem mode, and internal memory to store a scene
  • ¼-turn brackets with option to mount with one or two clamps
  • PowerCON® input and output connections to power multiple units in a daisy chain
  • Optional INTIMROADCASES35X carrying case (sold separately)