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Christie Mirage 4K40-RGB

This high performance 40,000 lumen, 4K resolution, RGB laser projector features advanced TruLife™ electronics and our proprietary RGB laser illumination technology for amazing visualization and 3D experiences.

Incredible image fidelity

Christie® TruLife electronics unlocks the full performance potential of RGB laser illumination. Supporting frame rates of 4K 120Hz and 240-480 Hz @ 2K resolution, TruLife delivers unrivaled, blur-free visual experiences. Combine this with 3D capability, an expanded color gamut, and high-contrast RGB pure laser illumination technology and the Mirage 4K40-RGB is ideal for advanced visualization, lifelike 3D experiences and groundbreaking theme park attractions.

All-in-one design

Thanks to our engineering expertise, we designed the smallest and lightest high-brightness RGB laser projector available. There are no heavy external chillers, remote laser racks, or special pedestals – everything is completely integrated into a single chassis.

Key features

  • All-in-one, compact design – No external chillers or laser racks and a manageable weight of 285lbs makes it the smallest and lightest high-brightness RGB laser projector available
  • Omnidirectional – Operates in any orientation for unlimited installation flexibility
  • Reliable, stable light source – Christie RealLaser® provides over 20,000 hours of optimal brightness performance
  • Christie Twist – Built-in warping and blending
  • High-contrast – Achieves 5,000:1 On/Off contrast for amazing depth of detail
  • Expanded color gamut – Produces >95% of the Rec. 2020 color space for rich, vibrant and true-to-life visuals
  • Energy efficient – Consumes less power than any other 40,000 lumen RGB pure laser projector with 220V single phase operation
  • Christie TruLife electronics – Powerful processing that delivers ultra-high resolution, high frame rate video up to 120fps and unprecedented image fidelity at 4K resolution and 240Hz at 2K resolution
  • Christie Terra® input card – Seamlessly integrates into SDVoE networks
  • 4K lens compatibility – Compatible with most Christie 4K lenses
  • Field-replaceable light source – Provides easy service and replacement of the laser light source