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Christie Mirage SST

The Christie® Mirage SST RGB pure laser projection system features a fiber-coupled, ultra-compact projector head and Christie TruLife™ electronics. You can choose either a 35,000 or 50,000 lumens light source. Ideal for planetariums, domes, theme park attractions and projection mapping spectaculars the Mirage SST combines unmatched system design flexibility with incredible image fidelity.

Design and installation freedom

With its innovative fiber-coupled projection head, the Mirage SST provides several design and installation advantages. Its small form factor, light weight, ultra-low BTU output, and quiet operation give you the freedom to install the Mirage SST in tight, challenging environments – such as attractions that don’t have projection booths and outdoor weatherproof enclosures. The remote light source also allows the chilling equipment to be located away from the projector head where noise won’t impact show quality.

Unprecedented high frame rate performance

Featuring TruLife electronics, the Mirage SST delivers high frame rates of 120fps at 4K resolution for detail-rich visuals. If you need higher frame rates, you can purchase a license that enables an astounding 480fps at 2K resolution.

Deep, highly-saturated colors

Reproducing an expansive color gamut that approaches full Rec. 2020, the Mirage SST gives content creators an entirely new palette to choose from, while audiences benefit from stunning, true-to-life visuals.

Key features​

  • Fiber-coupled, ultra-compact and lightweight projection head – Unmatched system design freedom and installation flexibility
  • Christie TruLife electronics – Powerful processing that delivers high frame rate video of 120fps at 4K for detail-rich visuals and 3D processing
  • Expanded color gamut – Approaches full​ Rec. 2020 color space for deep, rich, and saturated colors
  • High contrast – Achieves 5,000:1 On/Off contrast with high contrast lens for amazing depth of detail
  • Long-lasting, silent1, reliable light source – 30,000 hours of virtually maintenance-free operation to 80% brightness
  • Omnidirectional – Can be installed in any orientation for increased installation flexibility
  • Christie Twist – Built-in image warping and blending software
  • Compatible with Christie Mystique® ​automated camera-based alignment software solution
  • Supports Christie Guardian​ – Invisible, re​​al-time automatic blended-image correction even when content is playing
  • Lens compatibility – Compatible with all Christie 4K lenses2 for additional cost savings​
  • Terra® SDV​oE input board​ for direct interfacing of up to 4K AV content and control over 10G Ethernet for highly flexible, scalable and efficient AV system integration.