Electro-Voice XLD291-FG



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Electro-Voice XLD291-FG

The XLD291-FG is a 3–way design using CCT (Coverage Control Technology) to control horizontal coverage to 200 Hz. It uses an 8 inch neodymium LF transducer, an 8 inch neodymium LF/MB transducer, and two neodymium 2 inch voice coil compression drivers combining through 2 hydra plane wave generators into a 90° x 10° waveguide. CCT uses both 8 inch transducers to provide maximum low frequency output and operating bandwidth while controlling horizontal beam width to 200 Hz by using DSP. The FG models are fully-weatherized and fiberglass-coated.

The XLD291-FG can be used in tri-amp mode, or in biamp using a sophisticated internal passive network. Designed for use in arrays of four or more elements, the XLD291-FG delivers full bandwidth audio with precise, predictable coverage control. Integrated rigging with hinge points located correctly between array elements is simple to use and quickly provides uncompromised line array performance.

The XLVC weatherized family consists of two full-range systems with dual woofers, two full-range systems with single woofers and a subwoofer system. The dualwoofer versions include the XLD281-FG with a 120° horizontal coverage pattern and the XLD291-FG with a 90° horizontal coverage pattern. The single-woofer versions include the XLE181-FG with a 120° horizontal coverage pattern and the XLE191-FG with a 90° horizontal coverage pattern. The subwoofer module is the XCS312-FG. Most applications using flown very compact elements require subwoofers integrated into the same array as the full-range systems. XLVC provides three methods to conveniently do this. The XCS312-FG subwoofer module can be directly arrayed above, or below XLD291-FG full-range systems. LAPS2 modeling software quickly provides array configurations and rigging information.

X-Line Very Compact weatherized models deliver unprecedented performance in outdoor venues in full exposure.

  • Very Compact, Lightweight
  • CCT (Coverage Control Technology)
  • Simple, Quick Integrated Rigging
  • Bi-Amp or Tri-Amp Operation
  • Neodymium Transducers