Sennheiser HD 206




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Sennheiser HD 206

Sennheiser’s HD 206 headphones are perfect for music lovers at heart and those looking to take their first steps mixing incredible pieces. Thanks to their innovative technology, the HD 206 headphones offer powerful stereo sound, unmatched fidelity, good attenuation of ambient noise and excellent clarity in low tones. Without a doubt, the HD 206s are a good option to enjoy your music to the fullest and at an excellent price.

The HD 206 headphones have a lightweight design and great comfort, thanks to their high-quality imitation leather ear cushions, providing unparalleled cushioning. Also the HD 206 are extremely resistant models, which guarantee a long durability and of course hours and hours of good music.

Hearing aid features
• Powerful sound reproduction
• Excellent bass response
• Light and comfortable
• Good attenuation of ambient noise
• Extremely resistant
• High quality imitation leather ear cushions
• 1/4 “(6.3 mm) female adapter, gold plated
• 2 years warranty