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Sennheiser HD 579

The performance of the HD 579 headphones is top-of-the-line, delivering sound close to audiophile levels for your home. With their full, circumaural design, these headphones offer exceptional comfort thanks to their large ear cups and replaceable ear cushions.

As the successor to the popular HD 500 series, the Sennheiser HD 5 series offers a range of models of high quality and value in all respects. Its products integrate Sennheiser’s proprietary transducer technology, including the EAR design “Ergonomic acoustic refinement”, which stands for “Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement”. This series is a great gift for those who listen to their music with a sense of discovery.

For your entertainment at home: Made to deliver great sound, the HD 579 headphones provide high-end performance and exceptional comfort thanks to their full-size on-ear design.

With the Sennheiser HD 579 headphones, you’ve clearly entered the territory of aural excellence. Its acoustically open over-ear design works in conjunction with Sennheiser’s high-quality drivers to create a detailed, well-balanced sound image that you will never tire of.

The full design of the HD 579 headphones leaves plenty of headroom for your comfort. The large ear cups with soft, replaceable ear cushions and the wide cushioned headband allow you to immerse yourself in the music for hours.

With special design touches like matte metallic accents and a stylish gray color scheme, the HD 579s look as amazing as they sound. They will be a perfect addition to your home entertainment system.

  • HD 579 headphones
  • 3m cable / 6.3mm straight plug
  • 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapter