Shure BETA 53




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Shure BETA 53

Headworn vocal microphone for detailed, uncolored sound in an ultra-thin and fully adjustable design. Features comfortable behind-the-ear Dynaflex® earforms, a discreet, detachable microphone boom mount and interchangeable frequency response caps.

  • 1 – RPM626 In-Line Preamp
  • 1 – Headband
  • 2 – Snap-fit Foam Windscreen
  • 2 – Standard Protective Cap
  • 1 – Swiveling Lapel Clip
  • 2 – Boom Holder
  • 1 – Logo Pad
  • 1 – Plastic Carrying Case

Comfortable, latex-free headphones that hide behind the ears Thin, non-reflective metal structure that easily hides under the hair Ultra-thin detachable microphone arm mount for right or left positioning Interchangeable frequency response caps (level or high, two pieces each) Two foam filters included Clothes clip for cable fixing Corrosion resistant Easy to clean rugged case for protective storage Available with an online preamp or with a TA4F connector for wireless applications