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The DIS-CCU Central Control Unit is the hub of the Microflex® Complete digital conference system.It provides convenient microphone control, audio routing, and interpretation when used with MXC-series, 6000-series, or 5900-series conference and discussion units. As shipped, the DIS-CCU supports up to 250 discussion units and 2 interpretation channels. With optional feature licenses and expansion hardware, the unit can support conference units serving up to 3,800 participants, 200 interpreters, and 31 interpretation channels.

The unit features 2 analog audio inputs for external sources such as wireless microphones or AV playback devices, and 8 analog audio outputs for connecting the audio from the conference system to a videoconferencing system, audio recorder, a sound reinforcement system for an audience, or a wireless language distribution system. Four DCS-LAN network ports deliver audio, data, and power to and from conference units and expansion components over shielded Cat5e network cables. A TCP/IP Ethernet connection provides access to an embedded browser-based interface for system configuration and control, integration with optional SW6000 Conference Management Software on a PC, or connection to a third-party room control system.

The functionality and capacity of the DIS-CCU can be expanded with optional feature licenses.

With Feature License FL6000, the DIS-CCU can be used with MXC-series or 6000-series conference units serving up to 250 participants and 4 languages and support for basic voting is included. Additional Feature Licenses enable support for up to 3,800 participants and 31 languages.

The embedded browser-based multi-lingual control interface that enables convenient system configuration and control from a computer or tablet. The interface includes separate addresses for Administrator, Chairman, and Display views, each of which can be password-protected. The Administrator address provides system configuration; the Chairman address allows control of participant microphones and the Speak/Request list; the Display address provides a view of the Speak and/or Request list for display on an external video monitor. In larger systems the EX 6010 Extension Unit, JB 6104 Junction Box, RP 6004 Repeater, or PI 6000 Power Kit may be added to provide additional power or cabling flexibility.

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