Shure UA8-470-542




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Shure UA8-470-542

Shure UA8 series 1/2 wave omnidirectional antenna is compatible (dependent upon frequency band) with UHF-R, ULX, SLX, ULX-D and BLX4R receivers as well as PSM transmitters. Adjustable to 0°, 45°, or 90° angle for maximum reception stability. Frequency range 470-542 MHz.

0-, 45-, and 90 degree positioning for greater stability For ulxd4 p10t transmitter transmitter

The UA8 1/2 Wave Omnidirectional Receiver Antenna (470-542 MHz) from Shure is for connecting to Shure wireless receivers. It is compatible with the UHF-R, ULX, SLX, ULX-D, and BLX4R receivers and PSM transmitters. It features 0, 45, and 90° positioning for increased stability. The UA8 antenna is built with a BNC connector to connect to the receiver or PSM transmitter.

Available for frequency range 470 to 542 MHz to accommodate UHF-R, ULX, SLX, ULX-D, and BLX4R receivers and PSM Transmitters
0, 45, and 90° positioning to increased stability of signal