TOA N-8000CO



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TOA N-8000CO

The N-8000CO allows the N-8000 intercom system to make and receive calls from an analog telephone system. With proper permissions, the outside line can perform any master station function. The N-8000CO allows one-touch dialing from an N-8000 master or door station to an outside line, call forwarding to an outside line and direct dialing into the N-8000 system. Rack mount kit not included. Use TOA MB-15B-BK (one unit per rack space) or MB-15B-J (two units per rack space)

  • 10/100BaseTX Ethernet network connection
  • Occupies one network node (191 max – at least one node must be a master station or N-8000/8010EX exchange)
  • Analog central office line circuit allowing the stations to make and receive calls to and from the telephone line.
  • 8.27″ (W) x 1.74″ (H) x 10.51″ (D)