TOA R Wireless Series



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TOA R Wireless Series

TOA’s wireless microphone system uses infrared transmission, thereby eliminating the problems associated with RF (VHF/UHF) type systems. The components of the IR Wireless Microphone System consists of the IR-702T 2-Channel IR Tuner, the IR-200M Hand-Held IR Microphone Transmitter, the IR-300M Body-Pack Microphone with External Mic Input, three IR remote receivers (IR-500R, IR-510R, IR-520R), as well as the IR-200BT Rechargeable NiMH Batteries and IR-200BC Charging Station.

The system has an optional 4-way distributor, offering flexibility and reliability to be used with no fear of interference or loss of privacy. Both the Infrared Wireless Microphone System and the Infrared Conference System (TOA’s TS-800 and TS-900 Series IR Conferencing Systems) can be used simultaneously in the same location.