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Allen & Heath PRIME OUTPUT

When leading engineers and artists need the highest quality analogue outputs from their dLive, Avantis or SQ system, whether it’s for monitors, amp racks or broadcast applications, we now offer the PRIME Output module, a completely redesigned D-A card with unprecedented levels of audio quality.

Using the very latest converter and component technology in a fully balanced topology, the PRIME Output module is optimised from the ground up for use with our cutting-edge 96kHz XCVI FPGA console core.

Available as 8-channel cards for mounting directly into a DX32 Modular Expander, PRIME Output modules can be configured however you require, standalone, or in combination with the PRIME Input modules for the ultimate end-to-end system.

With the same attention to detail and meticulous component choice as the PRIME Input card, high quality resistors, capacitors and op-amps have been selected for their exceptional performance: low noise, low distortion and linearity.

The inclusion of a balanced line driver circuit not only offers ultra-low noise and distortion, but maintains common mode feedback when clipping and avoids excessive ground currents, further slashing distortion. The improved inter channel cross-talk results in optimal stereo field and depth.

The differential design also reduces common mode DC offsets on the output, removing coupling capacitors to realise the most transparent sound possible throughout the frequency range.