Atlas Sound TSD-MIX32RL



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Atlas Sound TSD-MIX32RL

The AtlasIED TSD-MIX32RL is a 3×2 stereo line mixer with Remote level control. It is ideal for applications where multiple stereo line sources need to be combined into a preamp utilizing the local or remote Master level control. The unit can be easily interfaced with AtlasIED amplifiers. Applications include restaurants, conference rooms, and schools.

Additional on board EQ can be done utilizing the Base control (100Hz ±6db) and Treble control (10kHz ±6dB). The TSD-MIX32RL uses high quality, low noise components to ensure clarity and quiet operation without unwanted coloration.

The TSD-MIX32RL is highly efficient and meets most energy standards as one 24VDC power supply (available separately) can power multiple Atlas Time Saving Devices. Unit requires Power Supply that is sold separately for proper function, multiple TSDs can be powered with one power supply based on current requirements.  This unit has a power requirement of 60mA so any of the available power supplies can be used with this unit. For multiple TSD applications use the TSD Power Calculator to determine the proper power supply needed.