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Create your own processing and input / output configuration

  • Design your own input, output and processing card configuration with all the standard features
  • Choose input capacity
  • Choose output capacity
  • Choose layer capacity
  • 1 to 8 chassis in one system

Event Master E2 / S3 and EX have standard, finished, and stored configurations. As it is a scalable and modular system, it is also available as “build to order” BTO systems. From a single chassis with just two cards, or up to eight chassis with each card included, the Event Master is the world’s most scalable and I / O-dense display management system. Whether you need multiple individual units with a special I / O configuration or a system with massive routing and scaling capabilities, you can use the design-to-order process to get what you prefer. Create a single, scalable system that doesn’t require complete reinstallations or even reprogramming.

Use fiber links up to 300m between units to distribute high-quality video without additional latency or compression. Expand an entire chassis or use the EX chassis to expand up to eight 4K outputs and / or up to eight 4K inputs. Since the system uses the same hardware and software, it includes all the normal high standards of redundant power, 12-bit 4: 4: 4 processing and I / O, Genlock, up to 15 mS latency from fixed configurations.

With the support of no less than three APIs, the Event Master system can be integrated with the most common control systems on the market, if not all. A flexible control system is included that allows commands to be sent to third-party devices over the network for simple and seamless integration.

Technical support for system design is available for multi-unit systems worldwide through the connection of Barco’s partners with Barco’s product specialists.

  • Design your own configuration at a standard price
  • Fully modular in cost and capacity
  • Upgrade without costly reinstallation and programming