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Freya is the wife of Odin, the most powerful god in Northern mythology and the mother of Balder. That alone should be enough to understand the power of this projector. The core of the projector uses our Pulse platform, combine that with Alchemy, creating a very smart, easy to use projector. Freya is exclusively created for high-end home theaters, with more contrast and a wider color gamut, at the level of our reference Thor projector. It features the latest in native 4K DLP® chipsets from Texas Instruments and the acclaimed Barco Alchemy ICMP (Integrated Cinema Media Processor)

Cinema at Home

As the opening credits roll, the audience is transported into an unexpected world of superior movie realism, embraced by ultimate image quality and immersive sound. This compelling universe is created by Barco’s FreyaI residential projector.

High-end simplicity

Freya combines media server functionalities with the latest in cinema processing electronics: Barco Alchemy Integrated Cinema Media Processor (ICMP) with HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2 support The ICMP have two HDMI inputs to support Blu-ray, DVD’s, gaming consoles and other media devices.

Freya offers advanced processing power combined with media server functionality, integrated playback and content management. Barco Alchemy enables showings of 4K 2D content at 60fps and 4K 3D at 30fps. Reducing the required hardware makes installation simpler and makes the system more reliable and easier to use.

4K at the highest level

Freya has inherited a lot from our award winning Pulse platform combined with the Alchemy ICMP we have created a smart and powerful projector. A dedicated 4K (4 x 3Gb/s) input board enables playback of native 4K content. Barco’s renowned DCI-compliant image quality with the outstanding uniformity that’s unique RGB laser illumination.

This silent running projector (50dB(A)) is fully ready for boothless operation. In addition, Freya smartly manages its power consumption of only 8 lm/W. In eco-mode it consumes even less than 3 Watt. Freya can also be remotly waken up on LAN for scheduled maintenance or ingest.

The Smart Laser projectors show improved image quality on your dedicated screen and are fully compatible with popular 3D systems. Additionally, the projectors light output remains constant over time when used according to recommended practices. Barco Residential’s Cinema at home models offer even higher contrast, 3,000:1 full field / 950:1 ANSI contrast (preliminary).