BARCO G100-W22



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BARCO G100-W22

The G100 ecoscore is mainly attributable to the overall energy efficiency of the device. With an improved power supply, carefully selected components and low power standby mode, the projectors limit their energy consumption. In addition, the product design and packaging design are both optimized in terms of weight which is beneficial for the transport and logistics of the units positively impacting the eco footprint. Other highlights include the modularity and future-proof upgradeability of the projectors, contributing to an extension of the lifetime.

The G100 series opens up the possibilities of our single chip offering with higher brightness levels than before. It delivers great image quality with impressive lumen output for bright indoor and outdoor projections. Additionally, the G100 supports the latest input sources, including HDMI 2.0, to ensure deep color palettes and qualitative projections.

Thanks to Barco’s Projector Toolset software, installation and management of projectors can be done from the comfort of your own computer with the intuitive user interface. Additionally, Ptoolset’s geometry correction and mixing capabilities make these projectors perfectly suited for multi-channel media-based attractions such as planetariums, domes, theaters, and projection assignments.

100% flexibility 

To enable full operational versatility and effortless implementation in different project designs, the G100 comes with a stable lens mount to ensure reliable mixing and motion-free images in multi-channel configurations, and a wide new range of GC lenses that support a projection ratio of 0.38 to 10.8. It gives you the flexibility to shoot from long or short distances, and to play with 360 ° orientation possibilities. The 00 projector and its peripherals deliver the best results for any creative project. 

With the excellent built-in cooling, the G100 can withstand a maximum operating ambient temperature of 50 ° C (122 ° F), and all this only with a max. noise level of 42 dB.

100% reliability

With its laser-phosphor light source and advanced cooling design, the G100 allows long-term operation (> 20,000 hours) without the need to change the lamp, with considerable cost savings in maintenance and consumables.

With its updated and future-proof design, the G100 is designed to meet all your requirements in terms of image quality, reliability and sustainability.