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The SP2K-9 is part of the Series 4 portfolio, designed in close collaboration with industry partners. Market trends were taken into account in content creation, display and technology. The result? A next generation laser projection family for all cinema screens. The SP2K models come in several different configurations, giving you the freedom to choose. A wide range of brightness options, compatibility with various media servers and lenses, as well as a touch screen and live streaming option. Combine the available options to suit your specific needs.

Excellent picture

The SP2K models in the Series 4 family provide 2K native resolution, full P3 color space, higher contrast, and improved uniformity in the theater. Barco Active Image Management TM includes proprietary technology to ensure clear and consistent image quality over time.

Ready for the future, today

With numerous benefits to enhance the viewer experience and create tranquility for cinemas, this 4th generation Barco laser projection is the way forward. Additionally, all SP2K models are compatible with the latest immersive audio standard.

EcoPure boat TM

This silent projector (43dB (A)) is fully prepared for use without a booth. Additionally, the SP2K-9 intelligently manages its power consumption reaching projector efficiency levels of up to 8 lumens per watt. In eco mode, it consumes even less than 3 watts. Moreover, it is possible to use the remote wake-up on the LAN for scheduled maintenance or data ingestion.

Install and forget

The modular design of the Series 4 projectors saves maintenance costs. There are only four Barco Laser Plate TM replacement parts for servicing all light source configurations. Anyone can replace the filters, because no tools are required to handle the cover and filter. The SP2K-9 integrates seamlessly into your current installation.

  • Excellent picture
  • Ready for the future, today
  • EcoPure boat TM
  • Install and forget