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The Thor platform represents the pinnacle of the Barco Residential range of projectors. Thor, the hammer-wielding god of lightning, brings true direct laser projection to the most exclusive homes for the first time. The perfectly engineered and hermetically sealed 4K 15,000 lumens DLP ® engine delivers levels of immersion that alter reality in the largest home cinemas.


Thor is the first and only 4K 3D projection solution on the market with integrated RGB 6P laser for home theater. In order to reliably achieve a long service life using brightness levels twice that of xenon projectors, a sophisticated control system actively cools both the laser modules and the DMD motor, providing a predictable life of 30,000 hours with at least 80% of initial gloss.

Laser speckle

Using Barco’s market leading technology to reduce laser speckle, Thor is able to deliver superior quality 2D and 3D images on white and silver displays.

Color convergence mechanism

Thor also includes our unique, industry-acclaimed analog color convergence mechanism. By allowing the green and red DMD chips to be adjusted manually, a perfect convergence is achieved. This attention to detail allows you to reproduce images that are sharper and more immersive than ever.

Made by hand

Not all projectors can be said to be handcrafted, with the exception of Thor. Despite the use of state-of-the-art technologies for most processes, such as measurement, calibration, assembly of electronic components and manufacturing of the delicate optical and mechanical components, each step of the process is supervised by specifically qualified professionals. In addition, the assembly of delicate parts is done by hand. To ensure the best quality at all stages of manufacturing, our projectors do not travel through an automated production line.

  • Home Cinema Series
  • 4K native resolution (4096 x 2160)
  • 6P RGB laser
  • Up to 15,000 ANSI lumens