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Weighing less than 50kg, this is the lightest 22K projector on the market. Plus, the quality and brightness of your projection will never be compromised, while the UDM-4K22’s compact and ultra-light design saves you a lot of installation time and reduces shipping and labor costs. The UDM-4K22 has 4K UHD resolution and a light output of 21,000 lumens for stunning 4K experiences with stunning colors. The UDM projector offers the widest color spectrum on the market for 22K laser projection and even outperforms the Rec. 709 color space.

Operating efficiency 

Increase your creativity to unprecedented levels with the largest lens shift on the market and a long list of other peripheral equipment that makes it easy to install and integrate the projector into your setup. Boat’s exclusive FLEX 2 feature allows you to adjust and lock the brightness and resolution settings for a specific show. Its modular design facilitates quick maintenance and easy service in the field.

Pulse Electronics

Thanks to Barco Pulse’s Single Step Processing technology , distortions, upscaling and 4K UHD processing are done in one step. The result? Super sharp images, the lowest latency on the market, and less dark time than comparable solutions.


UDM is the first fully connected projector in Barco’s range. The analysis dashboard and remote access to log files allow faster and more efficient troubleshooting. Manage the brightness settings of your projector fleet and track operating conditions anywhere, anytime thanks to the secure cloud-based platform and built-in 3G connectivity.

Long useful life

Thanks to its robustness and smart material selection, you can rely on UDM to withstand life on the road Thanks to its laser-phosphor light source, lamp and maintenance related costs, as well as flickering images , are already a thing of the past. Exceptional built- in laser cooling prevents overheating, and the Constant Light Output feature also provides peace of mind by delivering consistent brightness and color throughout the life of the projector.

  • The lightest 22K laser projector on the market 
  • High residual value due to robust design 
  • Remote fleet management and connectivity with the Barco Insights platform 
  • Unified Pulse electronics with Single Step Processing technology