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Biamp Modena™ Server

Modena Server is a Wireless Presentation System designed to offer the highest grade of flexibility in the implementation of presentation and collaboration services in the corporate environment. It is designed to complete and extend the experiences provided by Modena Hub and Modena Hub+ devices. Modena Server’s features include:

Modena Server connects to the corporate LAN via its Network port. Users connect to Modena Server rooms via their devices that are connected to the corporate LAN. These devices may be connected to the corporate LAN wirelessly or via Ethernet connection.

Guest access to Modena can be provided by providing guest access to the corporate LAN. Access to Modena and any of its specific features will depend upon permissions granted to the user.

  • Support for up to 7 meeting areas
  • Wireless screen sharing, content rebroadcast, and multicam conferencing for BYOD devices
  • Ability to connect any display (whether or not it’s inside the room) using a simple Android device, Android TV dongle, or computer
  • Presentation sharing amongst user devices in rooms with no display

Modena Server includes a Management System for the Modena family of products. Some of the Modena Server Management System’s capabilities include:

  • Health and status monitoring
  • Scheduling of software updates
  • Centralized configuration for all Modena devices
  • Ability to push mass updates to Modena devices
  • Remote rebooting of Modena Hub/Hub+ devices

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