Biamp Vocia DS-10



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Biamp Vocia DS-10

Desktop call station for manual live and delayed messages as well as pre-recorded messages. Selection of up to 999 message combinations using a 10-key numeric keypad. LCD screen for user information. Monitored cardioid microphone. Warning tone. DSP. PTT (Push to Talk) button.

The DS-10 is a desktop networked paging station for use in Vocia® systems. The DS-10 features embedded DSP and on-board memory to support standard and advanced public address functionalities. The DS-10 can store 999 user-configurable page codes. Additionally, all device-specific configuration information is stored locally, which means the DS-10 does not rely on a centralized controller for processing and page routing. Thus, the processing, routing and storage functionality in a Vocia system is decentralized, which eliminates any centralized point of failure. As part of the Vocia system, the DS-10 meets paging requirements for facilities of all sizes.

  • Push-to-talk button with status indication
  • Up to 999 user-configurable page codes
  • Eight priority levels: four regular priority levels, four emergency priority levels
  • Local digital signal processing, including gain, filters and compressor/limiter
  • Local storage of configuration data
  • Local storage of default and/or custom preambles
  • Built-in store and forward functionality
  • CobraNet® audio/control with dynamic use of available bundles, plus power over single Ethernet cable
  • Backlit liquid crystal display (LCD) technology
  • Optional PIN to restrict unauthorized use
  • High-quality gooseneck cardioid microphone
  • Sturdy component housing
  • Rotary ID switches for unit identification
  • The microphone is a dynamic type with two transducers. The primary (microphone) transducer is constantly monitored for ambient signal. In low ambient conditions, the secondary transducer is energized with an inaudible tone to emulate ambient noise
  • CE marked and RoHS compliant
  • Covered by Biamp Systems’ warranty

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