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Vocia VA-4300CV

The Vocia® VA-4300CV is a digital networked four-channel amplifier for use in Vocia systems. It is capable of delivering audio power at 300 Watts per channel. The VA-4300CV is CobraNet® enabled for audio and control with dynamic use of bundles. Two RJ-45 connectors on the rear panel provide redundant CobraNet connectivity to the Vocia network. The onboard DSP provides comprehensive fixed-chain, digital signal processing within the device. In addition, emergency messages are stored in local non-volatile memory. Page active relay outputs provide a contact closure per channel when paging is active on the channel. The amplifier also has comprehensive failover capability with device-to-device and channel-to-channel failover.

Four channels of 300W per channel • Flexible line monitoring • Page active relay • Comprehensive failover • Extended audio delay • Dual Ethernet ports for redundancy • Dual power inputs (100-240V AC and 48V DC) • CobraNet audio/control with dynamic use of available bundles • Rack mountable (2RU) • DSP functionality includes: BGM, regular and emergency paging, emergency messages and ANC support • CE marked and RoHS compliant • Covered by Biamp System’s 5-year warranty

The networked amplifier shall be designed exclusively for use with Biamp Vocia systems. The amplifier shall support 4 channels of 300 Watts per channel and 70V or 100V constant voltage outputs. The amplifier shall provide control data and digital audio over CobraNet. The amplifier shall provide dual Ethernet ports for redundant network connection. The amplifier shall have 100-240V AC power supply and dual 48V DC input. The amplifier shall provide front panel LED identification of amplifier failure, signal present, clip present, fan stuck rotor fault, temperature fault and provide additional software monitoring features including speaker line fault monitoring. The amplifier shall be rack mountable (2RU) and feature software-configurable signal processing including volume control, filters, compressor/limiting, delay, speaker equalization and output sensitivity. The amplifier shall support extended audio delay of up to 32 seconds per channel. The amplifier shall be Class-D. The amplifier shall support channel-to-channel and chassis-to-chassis failover. The amplifier shall be CE marked, and shall be compliant with the RoHS directive. Warranty shall be five years. The amplifier shall be the Vocia VA-4300CV.

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