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Biamp Vocia WS-10

The WS-10 is a wall-mounted networked paging station for use in Vocia® systems. The WS-10 features embedded DSP and on-board memory to support standard and advanced public address functionalities. The WS-10 can store 999 user-configurable page codes. Additionally, all device-specific configuration information is stored locally, which means the WS-10 does not rely on a centralized controller for processing and page routing. Thus, the processing, routing and storage functionality in a Vocia system is decentralized, which eliminates any centralized point of failure. As part of the Vocia system, the WS-10 meets paging requirements for facilities of all sizes.

Push-to-talk button with status indication • Up to 999 user-configurable page codes • Up to 255 software configurable priority paging levels • Local digital signal processing, including gain, filters, and compressor/limiter • Local storage of configuration data • Local storage of default and/or custom preambles • Built-in store and forward functionality • CobraNet® audio/control with dynamic use of available bundles, plus power over single Ethernet cable • Backlit liquid crystal display (LCD) technology • Optional PIN to restrict unauthorized use • Auxiliary Port provides connection for power, line-level audio, and bi-directional RS232 for transmitting Vocia Text Protocol (VTP) commands • High-quality, noise-cancelling handheld microphone • Sturdy, surface-mounted component housing • Rotary ID switches for unit identification • CE marked and RoHS compliant • Covered by Biamp Systems’ 5-year warranty

The wall-mounted paging station shall be designed exclusively for use with Biamp® Vocia® systems. The wall-mounted paging station shall provide paging audio and control data via CobraNet,® and receive Power over Ethernet (PoE), utilizing a single (CAT5) network cable to a rear panel RJ-45 connector. Ten buttons shall be provided on the front panel for recalling page codes with preambles. Multiple wall-mounted paging stations may be connected to a Vocia system by means of Ethernet switches. The wall-mounted paging station shall support up to 255 software configurable paging priority levels. The wall mounted paging station shall include page priority override, store and forward, and lock-out capabilities. Each wall-mounted paging station shall provide local digital audio signal processing, local storage of configuration data, and preambles. Wall-mounted paging stations shall possess a backlit LCD screen, PIN code accessibility, and a high-quality, noise-cancelling handheld microphone. The wall-mounted paging station shall be CE marked and shall be compliant with the RoHS directive. Warranty shall be five years. The wall-mounted paging station shall be a Vocia WS-10.

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