Bogen M450





Bogen M450

The M450 M-Class Power Amplifier from Bogen is an amplifier that produces 450W of stereo or 900W of mono output power. This powerful amp allows installation of up to 2 input modules. These modules can be used for a variety of professional installations and can accept inputs from microphones, telephone systems, stereo sources, mono sources, the daisy-chaining of amplifiers for sound reinforcement applications, and more. A single standard input module with screw terminal inputs is supplied.

The M450 relies on a massive power toroidal transformer and is built for solid performance with low distortion and a high slew rate. Output module circuitry is located away from input module circuitry, minimizing noise and ground loops. The amplifier requires little maintenance and cleaning, as internal electronic components are located outside of the forced air-stream flow. Front-mounted fan filters provide easy removal and cleaning.

The M-Class amplifier is enclosed in a heavy-duty, 14-gauge chassis. Three modes of operation are available including 70V mono, dual mono, and stereo. This full-featured amp is packaged in only 2 rack spaces and can be stacked above or below without requiring extra ventilation space. The M450 M-Class Power Amplifier includes two grilles with filters, a control knob cover, four rubber feet with screws, two rack ears, and the aforementioned pre-installed balanced input module.