Bogen SAH5



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Bogen SAH5

The Bogen Communications SAH5 is a 5W high-efficiency digital switching self-amplified horn offering extended frequency response and versatile positioning for paging, talkback, background music, and security applications in work sites, schools, parking lots, warehouses, and more. With a built-in amplifier, it delivers a 5W output, a maximum SPL of 119 dB, and a frequency response of 275 Hz to 14 kHz while maintaining low heat dissipation and low current draw. It operates via a 24 VDC power source.

Its weatherproof, UV-protected lightweight plastic housing ensures reliable durability indoors and outdoors, and can be precisely rotated, tilted, and swiveled via the cast aluminum mount. Attachment to an electrical box is supported with the supplied mounting strap. The screw terminals, which are protected by a removable access cover, ensure simple wiring. The SAH5’s volume control is indexed to allow accurate and repeatable level adjustments.

Digital switching amplifier technology provides low DC current draw and heat dissipation compared to conventional analog amplifiers

Low heat dissipation allows operation with continuous background music and in higher ambient temperatures than conventional analog self-amplified horn speakers