Bogen X300





Bogen X300

The Bogen Communications X300 is a Black Max Series rackmount 70V power amplifier offering powerful, full-range amplification for constant-voltage systems in restaurants, retail stores, offices, and more. Its efficient Class-H amp design delivers 300W to each of the two channels while maintaining low noise and distortion. Per-channel volume control, input sensitivity selection, and 60 Hz low-cut filters allow easy optimization of levels and tone. The 3-pin pluggable terminal strip inputs are electronically balanced, while the 5-pin barrier strip output is transformerless.

Independent variable-speed fans keep the X300 cool even when mounting does not allow for open space above or below the amplifier. Built-in voltage stabilization and multiple protection circuits ensure reliable operation hour after hour. The auto-sleep feature makes this amp ideal for continuously powered systems. Integrated power sequencing for controlling multiple Black Max amps in large systems helps prevent in-rush problems. These features are packed into a heavy-duty steel chassis that occupies just two rack spaces.

300W per channel at 70V with independent low-cut filters on each input

Low noise and distortion with high slew rate

Highly efficient Class-H amplification driven by a conservatively rated toroidal power transformer

Transformerless direct drive outputs