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Q-Sys I / O peripherals help connect the power of the Q-Sys Core processor to the outside world of audio. The I / O cards provide connectivity to analog and digital sources and destinations, while the I / O frame and I / O-22 allow local or remote inputs or outputs anywhere a standard Gigabit Ethernet network is available with connectivity back to the core.

It is worth mentioning that Q-Sys search stations are also considered peripheral, but they have their own section.

 I / O cards

Q-Sys I / O cards allow integrators to input and extract audio from a Q-Sys Core processor when installed directly into a remote I / O Core or I / O-Frame device. A variety of I / O cards are available to meet many different project requirements. Cards that support analog audio are 4-channel devices, while digital cards support a greater number of channels.

Four audio output channels (2 DataPort connectors) for connection to QSC amplifiers equipped with DataPort. The DataPort interface allows audio, status monitoring and control between the Q-SYS and QSC DataPort power amplifiers.


By using QSC DataPort-enabled amplifiers, you can take advantage of the features provided by the DataPort ™ output card. This card allows four channels of audio line-level output (two channels per port) and also sends control data while receiving monitoring and status data from the amplifier. The DataPort card also provides DSP for speaker processing and peak voltage protection, as well as monitoring each speaker line for open or short circuits.

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M2-MD-S, M2-MD-M, M2-MD-L