Shure BETA 98AMP/3-3PK




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Shure BETA 98AMP/3-3P

The BETA®98AMP Shure is a condenser, cardioid, miniature microphone for professional sound reinforcement and studio recordings. It includes an integrated XLR preamplifier with flexible gooseneck and the A75M Universal Microphone Holder serves for precise positioning in any configuration of tomes, drums or other percussion instruments. Its cardioid polar pattern is extremely uniform and provides excellent maximum gain before feedback along with an off-axis rejection of unwanted noise. It can withstand high levels of sound pressure (SPL). features Uniform polar pattern, provides maximum gain before feedback and a rejection of off-axis noise for more control and a smooth high frequency response. Its integrated preamp with XLR connector makes assembly more efficient, while at the same time reducing the clutter of the scenarios. A frequency response adapted for drums and percussion applications, with a wide dynamic range for environments in environments with high SPL A flexible gooseneck for precise positioning and simple adjustment. Includes an easy-to-remove A75M Universal Microphone stand for versatile and safe mounting of instruments and / or pedestals.