Shure KSM42




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Shure KSM42

This premium side-address, cardioid condenser microphone features a large dual-diaphragm capsule, optimized for world-class vocal recording and performance applications. With a tailored frequency response and extensive internal and external pop filtering, the single-pattern, dual-diaphragm design of the KSM42, featuring Prethos? Advanced Preamplifier Technology exhibits an exceptionally smooth proximity control and ultra-wide dynamic range. The KSM42 is the premier choice for capturing sophisticated, powerful and intimate vocal performances.

A milestone achievement in sound reinforcement, Prethos Advanced Preamplifier Technology employs transparent internal circuitry architectures that enable unprecedented audio quality and performance.

The KSM42 was designed to be a large diaphragm microphone, mainly for lateral pickup of human voice in controlled environments. Subsequently, the dual diaphragm capsule was implemented to improve proximity control and expand the listening point, with a very constant sound quality below 1000 Hz. With a maximum sound pressure level of 139 dB and gradual suppression Built-in bass, attenuation and filtering settings become redundant.

Advanced Prethos ™ pre-technology is composed of a very sophisticated and transparent internal electronics that offers an audio signal of unprecedented quality in a high-end microphone.

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