TOA BG-220



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TOA BG-220

THE TOA BG-200 SERIES MIXER/AMPLIFIERS are ideal solutions for installations in restaurants, retail stores, lounges, classrooms and meeting rooms. Incorporating TOA’s no-compromise technology, the new BG-200 Series are designed to provide the high performance and audio quality with wide frequency response, low noise and distortion and stable output regulation.

The BG-200 Series Mixer/Amplifiers is comprised of two models: BG-220 (20W) and BG-235 (35W). Both models offer a simple and cost-effective solution for adding powered zones to an existing system as well as powering speakers in applications that require a line input from a mix or playback source. Using the perfected amplifier technology and bullet-proof construction that has made TOA an industry standard, the BG-200 Series Mixer/Amplifier is designed to make sound projects affordable, reliable and easy to install.

  • Massive Power supply for high-quality, reliable sound.
  • All inputs and outputs on removable Euro-block connections for easier installation
  • 2 models:
    • BG-220 (20W, 30% higher power than previous model)
    • BG-235 (35W, 15% higher power than previous model)
  • 3 Inputs:
  • Mic/Line 1 w/ Balanced phoenix input and Manual Mute Trigger
  • Line 2 w/ Phoenix & RCA summing connector
  • Line 3 w/ Phoenix & RCA summing connector
  • Input 1 selectable between Mic/Line input level.
  • MOH/Zone2 balanced line output assignable via rear-panel dip switches. Selects any or all three input channels-no muting. Can be used for Music on Hold or 2nd Zone

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BG-220, BG-235