TOA F-2352CU2



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TOA F-2352CU2

The F-2352 series speaker is a flush-mounted ceiling speaker that offers a wide frequency range and high quality sound performance, and features a 2-way co-axial speaker configuration. Use of the supplied and optional mounting hardware permits versatile mounting to match a wide range of applications and installation locations. The F-2352CU2 model offers the same performance as the CU model and includes the 5070723950 Tile Bridge.

Its bass-reflex speaker system designed to provide smooth sound delivery with high power handling capability. Its wide-dispersion flush-mount ceiling speaker design employs unique acoustic construction to realize a wide area of coverage. Uniform sound output levels are achievable not only directly under the speaker, but also over a wide radius. Because the speaker provides both low- and high-impedance operating capability, it can be used in many different applications. A front panel-mounted input selector switch permits easy verification and change of current impedance/power settings, even after installation. It can be quickly and accurately mounted to ceilings and the rotating front grille can be installed/removed quickly and easily. It has an attractive exterior design specially created by an interior designer to blend naturally with any architectural space. Optional mounting hardware permits exposed installation or installation in weak ceiling panels.