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The FS70-W6 is a WUXGA native resolution laser-phosphor projector specifically developed for simulation applications. This application-specific IR projector responds to market requirements for simulation solutions, including high strength, longer life, and exceptional image quality. It also allows individual control of the intensity of the visual and infrared elements to stimulate night vision goggles with infrared transmission at 740 nm. Optical filters and dual irises ensure better contrast and higher black levels.

With a metal housing that wraps and protects the entire projector, Barco’s FS70 is strong enough to withstand the sudden and rapid movements of a moving platform, making it the perfect choice for these types of applications. The FS70 has a lifespan of up to 60,000 hours (depending on the operating mode), making it one of the most durable projectors currently available on the market. 

Designed for 24/7 use

The FS70 is designed for performance and reliability. With Constant Light Output (CLO ® ) functionality, the projector produces consistent and predictable color and brightness over a long period of time. Designed specifically for training during sunrise, day, sunset and night, the FS70 offers the latest infrared technology to ensure a totally realistic experience with NVG glasses, plus dimming options from 0 to 100%, so the training is optimal at any time of the day. The design of the FS70 also considers lens assembly and mounting requirements, making the FS70 series perfect for when technology updates are required.

Brighter the better

With brightness levels in simulation settings up to 5,500 lumens, the FS70 easily meets the requirements of any simulation system. That is, in addition to the high level of detail, the brightness setting is equally comparable to see every aspect of the simulation scene with complete clarity. Functions specially designed for the simulation include reducing blur with Smear Reduction Processing (SRP TM ), double entry 120 HZ, the optical filters and double iris for better contrast and higher levels of black, plus optical designed for stimulation of night vision goggles (NVG).