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The FS70-4K6 is a laser-phosphor projector with native WQXGA and up to 4K UHD resolution that was built specifically for simulation applications. This dedicated IR projector is the answer to the simulation market’s specific requirements – including high robustness, longer lifetime, and laser-sharp image quality. It also allows for full individual control of visual and IR intensity to stimulate NVGs with IR transmission at 740nm. Dual iris and optical filters ensure better contrast and higher black levels. Fitted with a protective metal that encases the entire projector, Barco’s FS70 is robust enough to withstand a motion platform’s rapid and sudden movements, making it the perfect choice for this type of application. With a lifetime of up to 60,000 hours (depending on the mode of operation), the FS70 is one of the most durable projectors on the market today.

The FS70 is designed for performance and reliability. With the Constant Light Output functionality, the projector produces predictable and constant brightness and color over an extended period of time. And thanks to Barco’s unique and proprietary Single Step Processing (SSP®) technology, all image processing for 4K UHD including warp, blend, gamma and color is calculated in a single operation. Performing this procedure in just a single step produces a much higher overall image quality, with a sharper image, fewer artifacts and less latency. The design of the FS70-4K6 also takes into account the mounting requirements and suite of lenses making the FS70 series the perfect choice for technology upgrade decision

r With brightness levels in simulation configurations of up to 5,000 lumens, the FS70-4K6 is one of the brightest single-chip DLP projectors on the market with 4K UHD resolution. Features especially designed for simulation include Smear Reduction Processing (SRPTM), dual input WQXGA @120HZ (4K UHD @60Hz), dual iris and optical filters for better contrast and higher black levels, as well as optics purpose designed for NVG stimulati