BARCO S3 Tri-combo



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BARCO S3 Tri-combo

With 14 built-in inputs and 14 outputs, the S3 Tri-Combo adds more capacity with Tri-Combo input and output cards that support up to 4K at 60p on a single cable. Despite its size, the inside of this processor shines with identical image quality, performance, flexibility, and durability as the S3-4K – the only difference being its higher input and output capabilities. In short, all the tools you need to create an amazing live experience in a compact, road-ready device.

Powerful Features, Simple Operation

  • Preloaded with three input / output cards.
  • S3-4K chassis interconnect allows for expanded inputs, outputs, or layers
  • Easy step-by-step setup with the Event Master Toolset platform
  • Field serviceable and ready for future signal interfaces
  • Two redundant power supplies for your peace of mind
  • Compatible with widescreen combination