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The new XT series further expands Barco’s range of high resolution indoor LED panels. The 27-inch panels with a pixel pitch of 0.9 to 1.9 mm provide excellent borderless results. The series also includes all the necessary functions to maximize the reliability of the LED video wall.

Superior viewing experience

As each panel has a 16: 9 aspect ratio, creating screens with native Full HD or UHD resolution is very easy. In this way, video can be displayed full screen in the most common formats, without image compression or empty parts on the screen. Additionally, camera-compatible edge correction technology ensures that all panels can be easily aligned to create a seamless, single-screen viewing experience.

Easy to install and maintain

As these LED panels are designed for wall mounting, they are fully accessible from the front, creating a small depth. Thanks to its greater robustness and the module’s assisted removal capability, the panels can be easily removed from the front for maintenance or replacement, with minimal risk of pixel damage.

Always superior image quality

Thanks to Infinipix TM , the image quality is perfect in dim and high brightness mode, and remains unaltered in accordance with Rec. 709. Video artifacts often appear in images that move at high speed, but with Infinipix TM , there is no video interruption or image tearing when moving at high speed. Automatic calibration ensures perfect uniformity of the video wall at all times.

Unmatched reliability

To provide Direct LED support in critical environments and avoid work interruptions, power supply and data redundancy can be integrated into the XT1.2. In addition, instead of experiencing a sudden failure of the entire video wall, users can receive warnings to take proactive action against potential failures.

All XT Series displays come with a three-year product warranty period. For added peace of mind, customers can purchase an EssentialCare maintenance package, with modules compatible with batches of up to seven years.

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0.9, 1.2, 1.5, 1.9, 1.2-E, 1.5-E, 1.9-E, 2.5-E, 1.9-HB, 2.5-HB