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Biamp Vocia CI-1

The CI-1 Control Interface is a companion product to the Vocia® LSI-16 Life Safety Interface. It facilitates the necessary connections to the LSI-16 for standards compliance.

The CI-1 requires 2 x 24VDC 15W power connections. Biamp offers an optional 24VDC 30W inline power supply which is appropriate for use with the CI-1. The power supply supports 100-240VAC to 24VDC and has a 4-pin Phoenix style connector included. The power supply part number is 283.0119.90A. An IEC plug to local wall power cable is also needed for the power supply – in North America the part number is 330.0002.900 (this cable part number will differ for other countries).

All logic input and output connections of the LSI-16 are permanently monitored for open or short circuit. The CI-1 carries most of the necessary terminating resistors to ensure normal operation of the LSI-16, without the need of external cabling. However, some logic connectors are not terminated internally, in order to provide monitored connectivity between the CI-1 and the fire panel or building management system.

This article explains how to terminate the remaining monitored connectors of the CI-1 to get a Vocia system into final operational state.

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