Biamp Vocia LSI-16



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Biamp Vocia LSI-16

This wiring guide explains the instances in which the Vocia Life Safety Interface (LSI-16), the enhanced Life Safety Interface (LSI-16e) and the Control Interface (CI- 1) should be used, and describes the connections that are required for correct operation.

The functionality of the LSI-16/LSI-16e has been tailored to the specific requirements in the EN 54-16 European life safety standard. However, the LSI-16, LSI-16e and CI-1 are still applicable in installations that require highly reliable and fault-tolerant systems with voice evacuation functionality, even if there is no need to meet EN 54-16 standards. Some terms are specific to EN 54-16, for example, General Fault, General Alarm, Protection Fault etc and may not be applicable for your jurisdiction. This document attempts to explain the operation of the Vocia emergency system so it can be used for life safety purposes in other jurisdictions.

A “fault” is a problem that may impede the Vocia system from performing its role as a Voice Alarm Control and Indicating Equipment (VACIE), and an “alarm” is a condition that has been triggered via an external stimulus, generally from the fire detection system or Control and Indicating Equipment (CIE).

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LSI-16, LSI-16e