Biamp Vocia PSKIT-1





Biamp Vocia PSKIT-1

The PSKIT-1 is a self-contained call station kit that is designed to connect seamlessly directly with third-party equipment, for example, with fire brigade microphone stations or with custom designed fire panels. The PSKIT-1 offers a digital signal processor Built-in (DSP) and built-in memory for compatibility with public address capabilities and standard and advanced mass notifications. The PSKIT-1 can store 999 call codes configurable by the user. Also, all device-specific configuration information is stored locally, which means that the PSKIT-1 does not rely on a centralized controller to
call processing and routing. Thus, all processing functions, routing and storage of Vocia systems remain decentralized. That eliminates the possibility of system failure and allows redundancy to be established directly in the network. What part of the Vocia system, the PSKIT-1 meets the call requirements for installations of all sizes.

Up to 999 call codes configurable by the
• Local processing of digital signals, including
gain, filters and compressor / limiter
• Local storage of configuration data
• Local storage of preambles
default or custom
• Audio / control via CobraNet® plus power in one
single cable
• Dual / redundant power (PoE, 24 VDC)
• RS-232 control of functionalities for
third party control
• Support for optional handheld or handheld microphone
high quality gooseneck supplied by Biamp
• 12 general purpose inputs
• 3 general purpose outputs
• Microphone and Push to Talk (PTT) input
• Storage and shipping functions
• Strong frame of components mounted on
• Rotary ID switches for identification of the
• CE marked, UL listed and RoHS compliant
• With a five-year warranty from Biamp Systems

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