Biamp Vocia POTS-1



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Biamp Vocia POTS-1

The Vocia Telephone Paging Interface 1 (POTS-1) allows a direct connection of two or four analog telephone service (POTS) lines or POTS-based PBX telephone lines. The interface permits live, real-time paging using any page code within the Vocia system. When calling into a POTS line, a number of software-configurable voice-prompt functions are available including page code selection, zone status indication, and page-now indication. A DTMF sequence of tones can also be programmed in the software to be associated with a Vocia control input event. The POTS-1 supports Vocia regular and emergency messaging, and will also support page stacking and store-and-forward functionality.

  • Two or four POTS lines
  • Device monitoring
  • Power via dual 24VDC supplies (redundant inputs)
  • Software-configurable signal processing
  • Rack mountable (1RU)
  • CobraNet® control over a single Ethernet cable
  • Dual CobraNet ports for redundancy
  • Rotary switches for device identification
  • IP30 Compliant
  • CE marked, UL listed, and RoHS compliant
  • Covered by Biamp Systems’ 5-year warranty

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