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Biamp Vocia VAM-1

The VAM-1 is designed to be connected directly to a Vocia Paging Station Auxiliary Port or a VI-6 paging port. The VAM-1 has a female RJ-45 connector that faces the rear mounting plate. A screened CAT5e or CAT6 cable wired straight through must be used, up to a maximum of 100 feet (30 meters) distance. Unscreened cable must not be used. The VAM-1 is not an IP device and must not be connected to an Ethernet switch or Network. It must only be connected directly to either a Vocia Paging Station Auxiliary Port or a Vocia VI-6 Paging Port.

The cable connection between the VAM-1 and the host device is monitored and if connection is lost a communication error is reported to the Vocia system by the host. The Audio path between the VAM-1 and the host device is not monitored and therefore a VAM-1 may not be suitable for critical paging applications. A VAM-1 must not be deployed with Emergency paging stations in EN54-16 installations.

See the VAM-1 Wiring Topologies section for example connections to host devices.

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