Biamp Vocia VO-4



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Biamp Vocia VO-4

The VO-4 is a network audio output expansion device that allows the user to add four channels of CobraNet® line level output to a Vocia system. The VO-4 has memory and built-in digital signal processor to process and store all information locally device-specific configuration plus includes comprehensive digital signal processing fixed chain. As part of the Vocia system, the VO-4 meets public address requirements for facilities of all sizes.

The audio output device will be exclusively designed for use with Biamp® Vocia systems. Shall
be rack mountable (1RU) and provide audio and control via CobraNet®. You will need to be fed
over Ethernet (PoE), which uses a single network cable (CAT5) to an RJ-45 connector on the rear panel.

The output device will provide four detachable terminal block connectors for audio outputs line level, four control inputs and four control outputs. The audio output device will facilitate the local processing of digital audio signals and local storage of configuration data.
The audio output signal will indicate the signal and the cut-off with LED displays on the front panel. The output device
audio will be CE marked, UL approved and comply with the RoHS directive. The warranty will be five years. The
output device will be a Vocia VO-4.

  • Converts Vocia digital audio into CobraNet outputs
    industry standards
    • Four terminal block connectors
    detachable for line level outputs
    • Four control inputs and four control outputs
    • Local processing of configurable audio signals
    using software, including gain, filters, and
    compressor / limiter
    • Rotary switches for unit identification
    • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
    • CobraNet audio / control with dynamic packet usage
    available, plus power over a single cable
    • Status LEDs to indicate signal presence and cut
    • CE marked, UL listed and RoHS compliant
    • Covered by the Biamp Systems warranty

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