Bose ControlSpace ESP-880A



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Bose ControlSpace ESP-880A

An open-architecture DSP, the Bose Professional Control Space ESP-880A engineered sound processor is designed for a wide variety of applications – from small, self-contained projects to large, networked systems. It features 8×8 analog audio I/O, a Bose AmpLink output, and advanced digital signal processing with 48kHz/24-bit audio conversion. Engineered for precise performance, the ControlSpace ESP-880A also features low-latency and ultra-low noise operation.

Onboard connectivity includes rear-panel Ethernet for configuration and control, RS-232, 5 control inputs, five control outputs and an 8-channel Bose AmpLink port for sending digital audio to Bose amplifiers. The ESP-880A also supports integration with industry-standard control systems, such as Crestron and AMX, and can be used with any of the compatible Bose Professional end-user control options such as the ControlCenter digital zone controllers and mobile-ready ControlSpace Remote.

Configure and control the ESP-880A using Bose ControlSpace Designer software, where a large set of signal processing modules, such as automatic mic mixers, predictive feedback suppressors, room combiners, multiband graphic and parametric EQs, Bose loudspeaker libraries, signal generators, routers, mixers, AGCs, duckers, gates, compressors, source selectors, and delays offer an elevated level of functionality for general installed audio applications. Program end-user controls and automation events visually with less complication and more predicable operation on-site. With ControlSpace Designer software, an entire audio system with multiple components can be configured, monitored, and tuned live for creating custom-designed audio and control solutions that save design time and offers outstanding flexibility to better meet client needs.


  • Auditoriums
  • Places of worship
  • Resorts and hospitality venues
  • Retail stores
  • Educational institutions